The Fall of Lord Blackthorn


For a while, he stared at the spot where she had disappeared into the woods. He thought about everything he had been through, the lessons learned, the lessons survived. Perhaps she was right. Others would not have survived such times. He glanced at his father's grave. Others had not survived.

The fear, the hate, the distrust began to fade. They would never go away, he knew that much; but then again, what kind of person would he be without them?

And so the man Blackthorn—no longer a boy—shouldered his pack and headed into the woods for Empath Abbey. As he walked, he thought of Shaana, and whispered the verse his mother had once recited to his father:


By the word of my Book,
By the ring of my Blade,
My heart is wrought of thy Light,
For thee it shall never fade.




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