The Tale of Captain Johne

Worlds Below

Nosfentre's cheeks flared as red as his beard. "The two of thee cannot go alone. Those creatures will killó"

"I have dealt with mongbats before," Sutek snarled, "and creatures far worse than that. The Captain and I will be safe. As will thee if thou dost stay inside the Ararat."

Nosfentre suddenly unsheathed his sword, and strode forward. "Thou shalt not abandon us, nor shalt thou take my friend! "

Sutek's eyes became slits. I quickly stepped in front of the enraged warrior. "Stop, Nosfentre. Thou dost know that Sutek is right. The longer we delay this journey, the longer we must spend in the Underworld, and our supplies will only last so long."

Nosfentre's brow furrowed. "A week will make no difference."

"Astarol may be fit enough to walk in a week, but with his injury, it may be a month before he is able to explore these caverns. And the magi cannot afford to waste their spells on his health, especially if the wounds will heal on their own." I indicated Faulina. "She will agree with me when she awakens."

Reluctantly, Nosfentre lowered his weapon. "So be it." His glare focused on Sutek. "Since my birth, I have been warned not to argue with wizards." He grasped my shoulder, and his gaze softened. "Fare thee well, Johne. Fear not, I will take good care of our friends."

He said nothing else as we departed.

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